An index to websites about York’s green places

In (hopefully) alphabetic order:

Acomb Green
Acomb Wood
Askham Bog
Bootham Stray
Chapman’s Pond
Clifton Backies
Danesmead Meadow
Diamond Wood
Fishponds Wood & Beech Grove
Greenfields School & Community Garden
Hagg Wood
Heslington Common, West Moor and Tilmire
Heworth Holme
Hob Moor
Knavesmire Wood
Micklegate Stray (The Knavesmire)
Monk Stray
New Walk
Rawcliffe Meadows and on Facebook
Rawcliffe Bar Country Park
River Foss
River Ouse
Rowntree’s Park
St Nicholas Fields (Also known as St Nicks)
Strensall Common
The Walls
Walmgate Stray
West Bank Park
Westfield Wood
Wheatlands Educational Community Woodland
Wheldrake Ings
York Cemetery
York Railway Pond and Reserve

2 thoughts on “An index to websites about York’s green places

    • This has taken some time, well done Mick. Thanks for Wheatlands link site. We must find a way to develop a website and update it
      Presume you will communcate with Dave Meigh, maybe it could be all could link to COYC site?. It should also be sent to Martin Grainger to link with the York’s green Infrastructure and delivery plan. Maybe promote through ‘the press’
      I would encourage all YEF members to contribute and leave a reply
      Barry Otley

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